Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Advice (to anyone about to be interviewed by ATOS)

1. Make sure that the person who gives you your face to face assessment interview (HCP - health care professional) is qualified in the areas of your disablement. It would be better to know beforehand, but that's probably not possible. However, you are entitled (after you are informed of DWP's decision) to ask for the medical report made after the assessment. The interviewer's name and qualifications will be given there (as I only found out today).

If the person is not appropriately qualified, make sure that this is mentioned in your appeal.

2. I have been told that you are entitled to have your interview recorded. DO THIS. I didn't know and didn't think of it, and now I wish I had such a recording for my appeal.

3. If your claim is disallowed, ask for the medical report. (You will find that you are not clearly told about your right to have this.)

(4. I'm not sure about this, but I believe that if, like me, you're given a wholly unreasonable journey to your assessment centre, you're entitled to insist on a more suitable venue, near or even at your home.)

Simple advice, but I had to discover it from scratch. It may help you to know in advance.

More wisdom to come, maybe.

If you don't attend your assessment interview, you lose your entitlement to benefits.

If you're well enough to attend, you are well enough to work, so you have no entitlement to benefits anyway. 

That's the Catch 22 of the new benefits system.

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