Monday, 14 January 2013

Life goes on...

Just because your life seems to have been taken over by illness and trying to keep hold of your benefits - for which you worked hard most of your life and to which you had thought you were entitled etc etc - and

Just because you're using your computer to try to prepare an appeal (and self-administer a not-very-effective occupational therapy by writing a blog about it)...

It doesn't mean that Microsoft won't step in and add their tuppence-worth.

'Update Windows', they told me as they do from time to time; 'Critical, security issues blah blah blah.'

So I did.

Now the computer won't start up properly, restore point no longer works, 'save' no longer works on a whole lot of programmes. I'm scared to look further. And I just don't have the mental resources to work through the problems (yet again, because this is far from the first time). And, of course, because I no longer have any self-confidence, I'm asking if it's ALL MY FAULT...


The time is coming for me to make the decision: do I start getting this blog shown on search engines? Does it have anything to offer that isn't in dozens if not hundreds of blogs already?

Part of my problem is that I'm actually a very private person. I don't want to go putting myself and my problems about to total strangers... on one hand I believe that every one of us has a responsibility to go on record... on the other, I'm not sure how many people actually give a damn...

One thing is for sure. Senior tories are repeatedly on record as saying the class war is over.

Why, then, are they still fighting it? Do they really hate the most vulnerable that much?

(It is clear to me that a lot of what's going on has very little to do with money and a lot to do with a very ancient ideology which would not object to seeing a return of the workhouse. I wouldn't bet that eugenics don't come into it somewhere, either.)

Is it beholden on me to fight back?

I won't win, I know that. But do have to I fight?

By the way: the time of posting shown at the bottom of each of mine seems to be way off. Rocky Mountain Time? I'm GMT - it's just after 11 am.

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