Friday, 4 January 2013

Where is Cameron's empathy?

A few people have claimed that David Cameron has used his disabled child as a political weapon, or shield, or some such.

Unfairly, I think.

I lost my young son. In Cameron's position, I can't guarantee that I wouldn't have used my son's death exactly as Cameron was accused of doing. But, all power to him, he never has.

On the other hand, he has hinted - or it has been hinted on his behalf - that that it has given him a greater empathy with the disabled.

It hasn't. Not so that it matters.

I will say that, long before I became seriously ill, the death of my son had fundamentally changed my attitude to those who suffer. I mean no boast, but if I'm blowing my own trumpet just a little, so be it... it did change the way I treated others, in the most practical ways.

And I can state, authoritatively, that Cameron has not experienced that fundamental interior change. If he had, he could not preside over a government that treats the disabled - and plenty of others - so cruelly.

As for his fuzzy Christianity, declared this Christmas... he clearly doesn't listen to the Bidding Prayer at Cambridge and probably half the carol services in the country.

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