Friday, 4 January 2013

The lovely skin of the Heaven-Born

Breaking my own resolution against ad hominen abuse again. Ho hum.

But, what do Duncan-Smith, Grayling, Osborne and Cameron have in common, apart from their disdain for the poor, the weak, the dispossessed, and indeed any who are not of the Heaven-Born Elect?

Look at the fullness of the skin on their faces. It bespeaks a level of good living, privilege and, in a certain sense, ease, which are beyond the experience of most of the rest of us.

Take another look at each of them before you dismiss this observation out of hand!

NB: Mechanica McVey does not appear to have the same blessings. (It's not a gender thing - plenty of women do, but they aren't persecuting me right now.) But then, she is only an apparatchik, an Igor, as you can tell by the way she only parrots what's on the scripts she's given.

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