Saturday, 9 February 2013

Buckingham Palace Taser.

The other day I speculated about the guy who was wielding knives who was tasered outside Buck House. I mentioned that the event was widely reported.

Now that the reasons for his distress are in the public domain (he wants the queen to help in after he was ripped off and went bankrupt - nothing to do with ATOS after all), I googled 'Buckingham Palace Taser' to see what the press take would be. After 10 pages I got fed up.

Almost all the results I found were dated 6 days ago. A few were 5 days old (a bit slow off the mark!). The only exception, precisely ONE result (not shown 'til page 4), was more recent, reporting the name of the guy and his family's feelings.

All that noise and kerfuffle, but nobody'll actually give the poor guy the time of day.

My prayer, after World Peace and Home Rule for the Chagos Islands, is that the press would make at least a token attempt not to be simple leeches.

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