Saturday, 2 February 2013

DWP economical with the truth. (A saving of 80%)

Further to my previous posting (below):

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee found back in 2009 that DWP was only recording 20% of the complaints made against them. The committee commented, “It is not clear why this should be so.” [Jonathan Moore,]

Have things improved? I bet my complaint hasn’t been recorded. (If it has, how do DWP report that it was ‘actioned’?)

Or am I so mad now that I can’t see that my complaint is obviously frivolous and/or vexatious?

By the way: DWP officially refer to me as a ‘customer’, and to Jobcentre Plus as a ‘business’. Hoo-ee!


I finally got around to seeking a Google listing this week. I found myself on Thursday. Just in time for what I consider to be my first truly significant posting - earlier today.

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