Monday, 11 February 2013

DWP don't only decline to answer...

On Saturday, I got three letters, all at once, from DWP. (That makes five since January, all from different Jobcentres hundreds of miles apart.) The first two were simply contradictory and confusing, but each of Saturday's three was a pain, on a Chinese Water Torture sort of level.

About the letter from Hyde BDC, for now, (which wasn't spell-checked)... story so far:

In my post "DWP decline to answer", 2nd. February, (bottom of column to right of page until I work out how to do internal links), I copied a letter of complaint I sent to DWP in January.

It was delivered to DWP and signed for on 7th. January. On the 'phone a fortnight later, DWP confirmed that they had the letter.

Last week I wrote again, escalating my complaint because they hadn't responded.

In Saturday's letter, they told me they don't have my letter of complaint and I'd better send another.

As the citizen said in my previous post today, below: "Anyone would think they were trying to put people off complaining."

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