Monday, 11 February 2013

Surreal Pt 1: Banned from her own tribunal.

Woman turns up for her tribunal hearing at Acorn House, Basildon, but isn't allowed in. (She's been without payments since 2011). She was by no means the first - it had been going on for months...

Reason: she's in a wheelchair, there might be a fire, health and safety...

The interesting questions never get answers:

1. Had anyone noticed that this had been going on for months? Remember, failure to be in attendance at your own tribunal reduces your chance of a favorable outcome by 85%!

2. The paperwork connected with her case was available before the tribunal hearing. Did it mention that she would be in a wheelchair? I bet it did... and no-one took any notice.

So she's had to travel to this place, and is now told she can wait another 2 months (and travel further for the next hearing). 2 months without her money.

Was this nonsense arranged by Department for Work and Pensions? or by HM Courts and Tribunals Service? If it's the latter, that really boosts my confidence that I'm going to get a competent appeal hearing!

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