Monday, 4 February 2013

Render unto Caesar?

Inchoate thinking by me, as yet, but...

Ignoring all else for now:

If the state, having obliged me to contribute for years, now reneges on its obligations and refuses to provide the help which, by contract, it owes me; and

If the department appointed by the state to 'interface' with me breaks laws in its dealings with me (data protection laws, anti-discrimination laws, laws pertaining to its own procedures and possibly other laws) and then denies me access when I seek redress*:

What moral obligation am I under to continue to be a good citizen, to obey the law, to respect the representatives and officers of the state, to keep the peace, etc., etc?

* to which I add (5th Feb.):

If a government, in almost so many words, regards me and those like me as a burden and, on the face of the evidence, is indifferent as a matter of policy when those like me kill themselves, or just die; and 

If a department, acting for that government, chooses to assume that I’m lying - without any evidence whatsoever to support their contention; then places its own narrative in place of my statements without any evidence whatsoever to support their contentions, and then takes action sanctioned by that government on the basis of those politically motivated contentions (while, of course, leaving me labelled a liar... without any justification)...


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